Resident Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Emory Emergency Medicine Residency program follows the University School of Medicine's committment to ensuring a climate of inclusion and organizational equity by leveraging the varied attributes of diversity in our community. Our commitment is amplified by our mission to recruit and develop a diverse group of students and innovative leaders in Emergency Medicine.

It is imperative that the training program trains, and recruits learners who relate to, engage with, and meet the needs of the multicultural and international communities we serve. Organizational culture rich in diverse attributes and life experiences enhances our ability to deliver equitable, cross-cultural healthcare and lead the effort to eliminate health inequalities and improve health outcomes globally.


ED Diversity and Inclusion Committee
2017 year in review
Emory University
Here is to another wonderful year within the Emory Department of Emergency Medicine. We saw a wonderful turnout of our physicians at conferences and quite few published articles and national appointments. Hoping the year to come is as fruitful.

Community Service
Advocacy Day: "Stop the Bleed" was the initiative this year: teaching schools and first responders on emergent wound care. Our PGY 3s (class of 2017) visited the state capitol in support, with Drs. Das and Oiyemhonian.

The South Georgia Farmworker Project:
Our Emergency Department again had some representation in both the June and October clinics by Drs. Backster and Disla.

Dr. Illedare continues to lead the Morehouse EM interest group.
Emergency Medicine SNMA dinner: We welcomed the next generation of MDs with the Annual SNMA Emergency Medicine Dinner for students Oct 9, 2017. Drs Backster, Disla, Illedare, and Malcom were in attendance
The Student National Medical Association, is Drs Ford and Osborne organized two men of color dinners for residents and students.
Drs Osborne and Backster organized one dinner for all underrepresented minority EM residents to kick off the residency year.
Dr. Heron again hosted the Emory Revisited Dinner. This is an annual dinner that aims to encourage already accepted underrepresented minority students to matricucate to the Emory SOM.
committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

National AAHPM

impactful contributions to

Dr. Isabel Malone (resident) : AAEM co-chair for their diversity and inclusion task force. Drs. Heilpern and Heron were both selected to serve on the national American College of
Emergency Medicine Physician’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

Dr. Anwar Osborne is Chair of ACEP Observation Medicine Section.

Dr. Tammy Quest, President elect of AAHPM, was named Visionary for 2018 by the American
Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM).

The Grady Ladies: Drs. Liska, Gobbin, Sizemore, and Freeman won the 2017 ACEP national SIM Wars champions (pictured with team
advisor/leader Dr. Minkhorst, far right, an Emory SOM and EM residency Alum).

Dr. Nicole Franks completed her first year as Chair Elect of the National Medical Association (NMA) Emergency Medicine Section, she also served as Program Chair of the 2017 NMA Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly Emergency Medicine Section Program.

Dr. Heron was selected as the ACEP James Mills Lecturer; her signature talk was given at ACEP on “Overcoming Cognitive Blind Spots to Improve Outcomes.” Also her textbook Diversity & Inclusion in Quality Patient Care has been cited by Springer in the top 24% of publications downloaded.
Dr. Julio Lairet was promoted to Colonel in the GA Air National Guard, he also received the Air Force Longevity Service Ribbon in 2017.

Local (within Emory)

Dr. Kris Ford: winner EUM Faculty of the year 2017.

Dr. Jae Goines will be spearheading our Diversity Curriculum’s RIDE articles effort. RIDE stands for Research - Inclusion, Disparities, and Equity. These are article supplements for our weekly resident lectures that are topic related but hone in on aspects of Inclusion, Disparities, or Equity.

Dr. Jae Goines has agreed to become our EDIC Resident Chair.

Dr. Anwar Osborne appointed Associate Residency Director—in charge of research.

Dr. Heron remains a key Facilitator of Unconscious Bias Training for the SOM search committees (Chairs Search, Administrators and Departments), she also serves as Co-Chair of Executive Committee on Equity and Inclusion at the SOM.

Presentations National


Drs. Ford, Lall, and Kazzi went out to spread the message about Emergency Medicine and our wonderful program to students.

AAMC CGEA (central group on educational affairs) regional spring meeting,

Drs. Renee Johnson, Meloy, Khan, Heron, Haggins, Clery, Hopson, Hogikyan, Smiley, Ahn, and Babcock. “Practice Informing Process: Emergency Medicine Resident Experiences Caring for Diverse Patient Populations and Development of Interpersonal Communication Competencies.” March 2017.


Dr. Heron Plenary - The Journey - Building Success and Enjoyment in Emergency

Martina Caldwell MD, MS, Linda Camaj, Ayana Robinson MPH, Tim Guetterman PhD, Sheryl Heron MD, MPH, Adrianne Haggins MD, MS Gail D'Onofrio MD, MS, Fredirco Vaca MD, MPH, Ava Pierce, Down Boatright MD, MBA (Boatright). “Factors Associated with Racial and Ethnic Diversity among U.S Emergency Medicine Residency Programs”
See below “Addressing Healthcare Disparities Using Medical Interpreters in a Simulation Assessment.”

S Santen, R Hemphill, S Heron, Corita Grudzen; “Building leadership skills: consider a positive angle”
We had a great turn out from our department! With Presentations by Drs:
Erika Chowa, Nicole Franks, Sheryl Heron, Lisa Mack, Tricia Smith, Arthur Yancey Kristy Whyte – Resident Symposium

Dr. Daul Led SAEM 2017 didactic "Essentials of Transgender Emergency Care"


Heron et al “Above us only sky: Exploring transitions, challenges, and strategies of women in Leadership Roles.”

Jackson, Moran, Lin, Ackerman, Salhi. “Prevalence of Homelessness and housing in an urban emergency department.”

Heron “Overcoming Blind spots to improve outcomes.” James D. Mills, Jr. Memorial Lecture.

Drs. Siegelman, Nagrani, Backster, Jackson, White, and Heron. “Addressing Healthcare Disparities Using Medical Interpreters in a Simulation Assessment.” Project presented at:

CORD oral (Dr. T. Jackson), NHMA poster (Dr. Backster), SAEM ADIEM oral (Dr. Siegelman), and the Inter-professional SIM conference poster (Dr. Siegelman).


Dr. Daul: Grand Rounds on Transgender Health for Emory OB/GYN dept on 12/6/17

Drs. Backster and Ford: Implicit Bias EDIC exercise, for the ED Annual Residency retreat 9/24/2017
Dr R. Libby: Annual Hispanic Heritage month Lecture to Emory students, on “Caring for Latino patients” 10/11/17

Articles for Publication/published

Chisolm-Straker, M., Daul, AD, et al. (2017). "Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Patients in the Emergency Department: What Physicians Know, Think, and Do." Ann Emerg Med.

S. Heron. “How Emergency Departments Can Embrace Diversity, Inclusion” ACEP Now 12-12- 2016. inclusion/?elq_mid=14294&elq_cid=5293226

Samuels, E. A., Heron, SL, et al. (2017). "Clinical Vignettes Inadequate to Assess Impact of Implicit Bias: Concerning Limitations of a Systematic Review." Acad Emerg Med 24(12): 1531- 1532.

Madsen, T. E., Heron, SL, Lall,MD, et al. (2017). "Current Status of Gender and Racial/Ethnic Disparities Among Academic Emergency Medicine Physicians." Acad Emerg Med 24(10): 1182-1192.

Danner, O. K., Heron, S, Mack, L, et al. (2017). "Hospital-based, Multidisciplinary, youth mentoring and medical exposure program positively influences and reinforces health care career choice: "The Reach One Each One Program early Experience"." Am J Surg 213(4): 611- 616.

B. Jacobs. “A Female Physician “Shaken to my Core.” FeminEM 1-12-2017.

Baehr, A., Martinez, R., et al. (2017). "Hospital Emergency Care as a Public Good and Community Health Benefit." Ann Emerg Med 70(2): 229-232.

Daul, AD*, Freiman, H, Shah, B. “Opt-out HIV Testing in the Emergency Department: What’s the Impact for Black Men Who Have Sex With Men?” APHA Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, 2017

Diversity in Residency
Our Emergency Medicine residency program shows strong support of diversity:

24% African American/Black
10% Latino
8% Asian
5% Mixed race 56% Women
%’s are for all residents (classes2018-2020)


February 2017, UniverSoul Circus outing
Co-sponsored by the Wellness Committee, chosen for the circus’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.
39 people came out for an afternoon of fun and excitement.
The now annual O’shea Home St Patrick’s Day get together in March, was a fun way to connect with colleagues and enjoy and learn a little about the Irish spirit.

Co-Chair Dr. Anika Backster Co-Chair Dr. Kris Ford
LGBT Dr. Adrian Daul Advisor Dr. Sheryl Heron Resident Chair Dr. Jae Goines





The SOM's Organizational Equity and Inclusion team is responsible for the overall design of equity, diversity, and inclusion programs within the School of Medicine. This team works in tandem with the Offices of Faculty Affairs & Development and Multicultural Medical Student Affairs to ensure continuous recruitment and retention, engagement and development programs positively impact student, trainee, faculty, and staff populations, and cultivate a climate of inclusion within the School of Medicine.

The Department of Emergency Medicine's involvement in ADIEM and our internal Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee strives to create a residency program in line with the SOM's mission.





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Diversity Committee

Heron - 2018 Executive Leadership Award

Dr. Sheryl Heron was awarded the inagural "Wes Curry" Executive Leadership Award in Diversity and Inclusion during the 6th Annual Executive Diversity Summit at ACEP sponsored by Vituity.

Her book, Diversity and Inclusion in Quality Patient Care, was endorsed by Tony Award Director and Producer Kenny Leon, our 17th Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona and Immediate Past President of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine and Past President of the African Federation of Emergency Medicine, Lee Wallis.


Women in Medicine

Hello everyone, and again Welcome to our department!

By now most of you should have received emails confirming your addition to the EDIC list serve. If you have not and would like to join please email me.
I am attaching our 2017 EDIC year in review so that you can see some of the great things going on within our department.

A note on Facebook:
Our Department has two Facebook groups regarding Diversity and Inclusion. Both are closed, meaning you need to have the administrator approve you to join so that you can view all content. Information in these groups in not necessarily that which will be sent out in emails, it may be information of scholarships or events, or just articles for you to read to stimulate thinking, mindfulness, or discussion. These groups are closed precisely in order to promote discussion.

"Women in Emergency Medicine @ Emory” Just put this into your FB search and it will bring you to the page and you can request to join.
"EDIC-EM Diversity and Inclusion Council” Is completely closed, you need to send me the email you use to access FB and I will send you the link to join. Once you are a member, if you enjoy the content you can request your friends to join as well (we have a large number of Alumni and fair amount of friends from other specialties who follow).


Anika Backster, MD