Quality and Safety Initiatives

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Emory Healthcare's mission "To Serve Humanity by Improving Health" defines our core purpose and why we exist. Our core purpose drives our Quality Promise to the community we serve, which is to provide our patients with optimal clinical outcomes and deliver outstanding service and the best medical care available, while increasing patient safety and satisfaction. To fulfill our promise, we recognize the importance of setting specific goals and selecting and prioritizing activities and projects that are aligned with our mission and objectives, and are driven by data, benchmarks and best practices. Achievement of these goals requires not only meaningful metrics but also a supportive workplace culture.

Our department is committed to providing the highest quality of care for the close to 300,000 patients we see every year, while ensuring patient safety.
The role of our department’s Director of Patient Safety and Quality is to:

  1. Recognize and measure the association between system failures and errors;
  2. Educate faculty and staff on cost-effective practice patterns and state-of-the-art tools available to practitioners to improve patient safety and outcomes;
  3. Collaborate with Emory and Grady leadership to identify metrics, measure outcomes and implement systematic changes that lead to improvement in quality and efficiencies of patient care;
  4. Develop and sustain cross-cutting relationships throughout Emory's Schools and Centers to enhance and expand the Department's scholarship in safety and quality;
  5. Promote the principles of Vision 2012 to enhance safety and service to our patients and practitioners.

Chest Pain Accredited Facilitychestpainaccredlogo

Both Emory University Hospital (EUH) and Emory University Hospital Midtown (EUHM) are accredited by the Society of Chest Pain Centers (SCPC) which indicates a higher level of emergency cardiac care services

From the perspective of quality and safety, based on evidence and best practices, this has standardized the care of patients with chest pain, myocardial infarction and acute coronary syndromes. In addition, the process of attaining and maintaining accreditation ties directly into the Emory Healthcare goals of Care Transformation, and has led to a wonderful interdisciplinary collaboration among several departments, including Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, Hospital Medicine, Clinical Pathology, and Nuclear Medicine. This hospital wide integration brings Emory toward a common goal – to prevent untimely death and disability due to acute coronary syndromes.