Significant Other Resources

Welcome Letter

To the spouses and significant others of our residents,

Welcome to the Emory family!

We are very excited to have you and your significant other in our program! You are a part of the Emory EM family, and we are here to support you as well as your resident. As you know, residency is challenging in a number of ways, including stressful shifts, unpredictable scheduling and long hours. We created this webpage to share resources and information with you, to help you to plan your lives and to know what to expect as your resident advances through our program. Our door is always open, so feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. Welcome to Emory!

Melissa White, Program Director

Jeff Siegelman, Associate Program Director (PGY 1 class)

Michelle Lall, Associate Program Director (PGY 2 class)

Todd Taylor, Associate Program Director (PGY 3 Class and Education/Didactic Director)

Anwar Osborne, Associate Program Director (Research Director

PD = program director (Dr. White). This person is ultimately in charge of the residency, including oversight of the residency administration, curriculum, and the residents.
APD = associate/assistant program director. (Drs. Lall, Siegelman, Taylor and Osborne) These people assist the PD with running the program. At Emory, we have one APD assigned to each class year. This APD is the main point of contact for residents in their class, meets with them regularly and directly monitors their progress. Dr. Siegelman has the PGY1 class, Dr. Lall has PGY2, and Dr. Taylor has PGY3. Dr. Osborne oversees research and curriculum development.

Important Dates throughout the year (mandatory for residents):

Residency Retreat (Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier) - September 22-23, 2018.
*Note: Resident lodging and meals are paid for by the residency, residents’ families are welcome to join for a nominal fee - additional information about this will be sent in the summer

In-Training Exam (half-day computer-based test taken at Emory) - Feb 26 - March 2, 2019
*Specific dates and times will be sent to the resident in early 2019

Other Residency Requirements

Weekly Conference

Resident didactic conference is most Tuesdays from 8am to 12pm. Your resident must attend at least 75% of conferences each year, with exceptions made for vacation or post-night shift in the ED.

Individualized Interactive Instruction (III)

The residents are required to complete additional hours of learning outside of conference. This can include extra simulation or ultrasound review sessions, meetings with advisors to review practice questions, and a variety of other options. This counts for 20% of their conference attendance.

Journal Club:

Once per month in the evening (dates vary). Residents are encouraged to attend and they get III credit for it. We are hoping to have dedicated topics for spouses quarterly at one journal club, but spouses are always welcome. If you have a suggestion for a good topic, please let us know.

SIM Assessments

Occur twice per year. The resident is required to attend one session each time. The sessions are approximately 90 minutes in duration.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)
This is a service provided to Emory staff and their immediate family members. FSAP is here to enhance your personal and professional well-being through a variety of programs focused on physical, emotional, social and occupational health.

Services offered include:
Individual assessment, short term counseling and referral services
Coaching - career planning, workplace dynamics, etc
Self-assessments (computer generated) for a variety of emotional health concerns
Referrals for community support groups (grief and loss, anger and conflict, AA, Al-Anon)
Many others - visit their website to see all services offered

Handout for Significant Others

We created this handout to give more detail about what to expect as your resident progresses through the curriculum. It includes the general scheduling guidelines and what to expect for each rotation. We hope this will help you to better plan your personal lives throughout the year.

***Link to SO handout in email***