Resident Resources

Emory residents have full access to all the resources of a premier University and School of Medicine.  This includes athletic facilities and cultural opportunities, performing arts and broad internationalism on a sprawling green campus.  The main Emory campus is located within the city, 20 minutes from the downtown location of Grady where the residency is based.

The Emory University Medical Library Network provides the extensive facilities one would expect from a nationally prominent medical school. This includes a broad range of on-line resources. In addition to the main library branch on the Emory University campus, the Grady Memorial Hospital branch and the Emory University Hospital Midtown branch provide convenient access to reference materials. The exceptional support of the library staff coupled with extensive computer facilities provide ready access to pertinent library materials and computerized medical database systems.

The Department of Emergency Medicine maintains a library specifically for the use of Emergency Medicine residents and faculty within its offices at the Steiner Building on the Grady Memorial Hospital campus. In addition, a reference library is available in the Grady ED residents' office.

The University provides multiple virtual resources for residents. The Internet is readily accessible throughout the system with e-mail accounts provided free of charge for residents through the University. The residents' office contains multiple PCs dedicated for resident use. The University provides high level on-line resources, as well as complimentary access for residents to OVID and MDConsult. In addition, a satellite emergency medicine residents' office has been set up in the ED. Its liberal use for focused real-time patient care questions is encouraged.