Residency Interviews

Welcome to Emory Emergency Medicine

Congratulations, and thank you for your application to the Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Emory University.

We are pleased to offer invitations to a highly competitive and select group - a group of which you are a member. In order to be guaranteed an interview spot, please be sure to respond by the date as soon as possible after receiving your invitation email.  Please schedule your interview using the Interview Broker website link on your invitation letter.  Note: Only applicants receiving invitations are able to schedule using Interview Broker.

If you should need to decline your interview, please notify us within 48 hours.

Use the following links to find details about the interview process, including dates.

We highly encourage you to plan to attend the Emory residents hosted reception on the evening before the interview. This will be your best chance to speak individually with the residents and get to know the type of individuals we seek. Spouses and significant others are welcome at the reception. You will receive details on the time and location of the dinner in your interview confirmation email.

We will be happy to answer any questions if you would like to call or send an email to  We look forward to meeting you.


Melissa White, MD, MPH
Residency Program Director