Welcome Back!

It is interesting to be a graduate of the Emory EM Program and also work as an attending at the same facilities we have all trained. To see through the new intern’s eyes is always humbling yet exciting. With a bit of unease, they precariously navigate through the same Grady/Emory waters only to come out as EM graduates who hold steady in their beliefs and patient care. It is a fantastic transformation.

Reminiscing on a shift, I will inadvertently say to an intern: well, you know when I was a resident, things were much worse, can you imagine if you had to....fill in your own Gradyism...add a few familiar patient names… discuss that same patient’s vital organ doing something it shouldn’t…throw in a duty hour reference…. and end with, “I made it through fine”. Usually I am met with quite a few puzzled stares and sometimes an eye roll or two that indicates Dr. White really blows things out of proportion. Seriously though, the current residents are faced with equally difficult obstacles than we ever did, and you will be proud of them as they leae our program with the Emory name.

Bringing Us Together

As a graduate of the program, I knew the “Emory/Grady” name would potentially carry me across the country. Now, when I hear from my peers, it is readily evident that the name also takes us across the world. We are truly an amazing group from a tremendous program.
So it was with curiosity, upon graduating from one of the largest EM programs in the country, that we did not have an active EM Alumni group. I discussed this with our Dr. Kate Heilpern, and it was after that meeting that the Alumni Group was formed. 

The Alumni website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram sites are just some of the many ways we want to keep you engaged in Emory EM. 

2018-2019 Goals for Alumni- To provide summaries of the Journal Club articles, 52 in 52 articles, and LLSA reviews. 



Melissa White MD. 94C 97PH 05MR
Program Director