Pre-Hospital Elective

Pre-Hospital and Event Medicine is an elective designed to familiarize students with pre-hospital medicine, medical oversight, and emergency medical response planning. In addition, students may be introduced to event medicine development, planning, and implementation through ongoing projects within the section. Medical students will work closely with Emergency Medicine  residents and EMS Emergencty Medicine  Fellows during this rotation.

Education Objectives

Education Objectives

  1. Develop an understanding of the components of the Emergency Medical Response System (including communication and dispatch, response, and planning).
  2. Know the basics of pre-hospital medical direction (online and offline) and physician oversight.
  3. Understand the fundamentals of system status management, dynamic deployment strategies, and posting plans.
  4. Develop knowledge of clinical care guideline development, from evidence-based and best-practice models.
  5. Have an exposure to city governments and the policy process as it relates to pre-hospital medicine and public health.
  6. Develp skills associated with emergency medical response planning, including medical threat assessments and emergency medical response objects.
  7. Actively participate in the provision of pre-hospital care (Fire EMS, Ground EMS, and Helicopter EMS)



  • Medicine and Surgery Clerkships
  • Participation requires faculty approval and student must contact Dr. Melissa White in advance to confirm and arrange month.

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