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Heil Chair's Welcome

Shayne Program Director's Welcome
June is my favorite time of the year. That is when we have 18 seasoned seniors about to start their first "real" job and 18 soon to be interns in orientation who are scared to death. Seeing the two groups side by side gives me a sense of accomplishment; seeing the skills and confidence, and the real practical abilities, our residents realize in their 3 compact years at Emory. It has been a great decade for us. The EDs have grown. The faculty has more than doubled. We have four times the space that we had when I started. And there are Emory faculty and residents in the leadership of every major academic emergency national organization. And having developed our reputation, and gotten the name "Emory" out there, we reap the benefits of getting the best applicants excited to come here. This year we picked 18 great new residents from over 850 applications. That means that almost half of all applicants to emergency medicine apply to Emory. Both the names "Emory" and "Grady" have long stood for excellencein medical education, and in EM we have really combined the two well. Our residents get an integrated experience which utilizes the best of each of the Emory hospitals: the acuity, trauma and volume at Grady, the efficient 'paperless' system at Crawford, the highly complicated patients at Emory, and the world-class peds faculty at CHOA Egleston. We are incredibly fortunate to have all these resources under one program in a great, cosmopolitancity all to our selves. And often the graduating residents don't realize how good they are. The employers do and the seniors are aggressively recruited: about a third will do fellowships or get an academic faculty position, three quarters of themwill stay in state, usually a few stay on with us at Emory. But they are all understandably apprehensive as they go out to practice independently. But as all of you who trained here know; there is no better preparation than the experience you had at Grady. And whatever comes in, you have the tools to figure out how to care for the patient and make it happen.

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