ACEP Sim Wars Champions!

The ACEP Scientific Assembly hosts the Emergency Medicine Residency Association's national "Sim Wars": a competition of simulated patient care cases where EM Residency programs from across the country compete in front of an audience. Four of our Emory EM Residents, Shayla Freeman, Latanya Gobin, Kristen Liska, and Emma Sizemore, formed the "Grady Ladies" team to represent our program, going up against seven other strong teams.

The ladies dedicated themselves to studying up on "zebra" cases, Terry Singhapricha and Chris Dudley led the team through practice sessions, and Olivia Minkhorst served as Team Captain on the day of the competition. The Grady Ladies skillfully navigated their way through three intricate scenarios, dodging frazzled consultants, an (intended) mannequin death, projectile confetti hematemesis, and a zombie attack/abduction. The audience was wowed by their composure, communication, and management skills. In particular, the crowd was impressed by the family-witnessed resuscitation, and the moment of silence after the death of the DNR patient. The competition from all the teams was strong, but they were no match for the Grady Ladies, who brought home the coveted Sim Wars cup (mug) as National Champions!

Below from left: Kristen Liska, MD, Class of 2018; Latanya Gobin, MD, Class of 2018; Emma Sizemore, MD, Class of 2018; Shayla Freeman, MD, Class of 2018; and Olivia Minkhorst, MD, Class of 2017.