Emory University Hospital Midtown is Coverdell Champion Hospital of the Year

The Georgia Coverdell Acute Stroke Registry and the Georgia Department of Public Health have named Emory University Hospital Midtown as a Georgia Coverdell Champion Hospital of the Year in its size category.  

To be presented at the 2017 International Stroke Conference American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Awards Dinner, the Champion Hospital award is based on scores for participation and quality improvement achievements in the Coverdell Registry initiatives to improve stroke outcomes. The award aims to increase collaboration between hospitals and other healthcare providers, develop improved treatment protocols, reduce the occurrence of subsequent strokes, and lower the stroke death rate. 

Only five hospitals will receive this year’s award: St Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital (25 beds or less category); Habersham Medical Center (26-100 beds); Piedmont Newnan Hospital (101-350 beds),  Chandler Hospital-Savannah (more than 350 beds), and EUHM (more than 350 beds).

The Georgia Coverdell Acute Stroke Registry is named in memory of Senator Paul Coverdell, who died of a massive stroke in 2000. Click here for Stroke View, the Coverdell Registry's 2017 Winter newsletter.