Faculty Recognition


Dean's Teaching Award


Sierra Beck, MD

Hidden Gem Award


Brooks Moore, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Assistant Medical Director, Grady

Dr. Brooks Moore loves serving as the authoritative voice in Emergency Disaster Preparedness and Response. He provides Medical Oversight for Emergency Management at Grady Health System which is the Regional Coordinating Hospital for Disaster Preparedness and the Department of Health and Human Services responding to over 200, 000 patients in the region. He has provided medical support for the Regional coordinating hospital which serves a population of the Atlanta Metro Area (6 million) and is also primarily responsible for the Continuous Operations Plan (COP) for the Emory Department of Emergency Medicine.  He is currently a member of the Committee on Disaster Preparedness and Response, for the American College of Emergency Physicians and ACEP Emergency Disaster Preparedness Committee. 

Regional, National, and International Awards

Dr. Adrian Daul, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Adrian Daul is the Co-chair of the Advisory Committee on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Sex Development, Learning Environment Committee at the AAMC. There are significant issues facing the LGBT community and healthcare providers must learn how to best interact with their LGBT patient by providing appropriate, respectful and compassionate medical care. Besides being a gifted clinician and bedside educator Adrian has carved out a niche for himself on the national stage.  We are privileged to have Adrian in our department and on faculty at Emory.


Leon Haley, MD, MHSA, FACEP, Professor of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Leon Haley is Emory’s Executive Associate Dean for Clinical Services at Grady and Chief Medical Officer for the Emory Medical Care Foundation, is the new chair of the Essential Hospitals Institute. America’s Essential Hospitals is the leading national association and champion for hospitals and health systems dedicated to high quality care for all, including the most vulnerable. Since 1981, the association has initiated advanced and preserved programs and policies that help ensure access to care. The organization has nearly 275 members. Dr. Haley’s leadership exceeds all expectations in and has advanced care for vulnerable patients throughout his almost 20 years at Grady.

Edidiong Ikpe, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Edidiong Ikpe is a recipient of the Alliance of Nigerian Organizations in Georgia (ANOG), representing the Nigerian Community in Georgia, "ANOG Image & Service Award." The ANOG Image Award is an honor bestowed on distinguished Nigerians in Georgia who have projected a positive "Image" of Nigerians in their professional and community activities and made notable contributions for the advancement of their communities providing a shining example to succeeding generations of Nigerians, home and abroad.  Dr. Ikpe has also designed a state of the art Standardized Gynecological Cart for the Atlanta VA Emergency Department and all VA Emergency Departments in VISN 7.


Anwar Osborne, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine 

Dr. Anwar Osborne is the incoming 2016-2018 Chair of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Observation Medicine Section. The section is the leading organization representing emergency department observation units nationally, with a focus on best practices, education, and advocacy. He plays a pivotal role in providing high quality education to providers of observation services nationally as well, working with organizations like ACEP, the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care, and the American College of Cardiology. In September he will be course director of one of the Observation Medicine Sections premier Observation Medicine conferences. He has made the Emory Observation Unit protocols known internationally by publishing them as an “iBook” and as a wikipage - with over 2 million "hits."


Dr. Melissa White, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Associate Residency Director of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Melissa White has been awarded the 2016 Charles B. Gillespie, M.D. Distinguished Georgia EMS Medical Director Award. The award is presented by the Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services to an EMS physician who provides exemplary and exceptional service that benefits and supports emergency medical technicians, and who shows continuing dedication to the principles of medical ethics and has made outstanding contributions to the community in citizenship and public service above and beyond the call of duty as a practicing physician‎.  

Emory Mentoring Award Nominees


Dr. Sheryl Heron


Dr. Philip Shayne

Faculty Recognized for Promotion


Dr. Alex Isakov, Professor