Emory Faculty Shine at 2016 CORD Conference

The Council of Residency Directors – Emergency Medicine (CORD-EM) is an organization of emergency medicine residency directors, associate & assistant residency directors, residency program coordinators and managers, clerkship directors and residents. CORD-EM seeks to improve the quality of emergency medical care, maintain high standards of excellence in residency training, and improve communications between emergency medicine faculty. Several of the Emory emergency medicine faculty attended the CORD Academic Assembly held March 6-9, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee.

One of the highlights of the event is the Clinicopathologic Conference (CPC) competition which pits programs against each other in solving the "best of the best" complicated patient cases throughout the country. Second year resident, Dr. Terry Singhapricha did an outstanding job representing Emory by presenting an unusual presentation of a common disorder seen in a patient at Grady. Dr. Todd Taylor, impressed the judges and placed second overall in his division as the attending presenter. Dr. Taylor’s role was to “solve’” by interpreting and building a differential list from a patient case presented by another program. Drs. Michelle Lall and Melissa White were CPC judges.

Dr. Jeffrey Siegelman served as the Individualized Interactive Instruction: Chair, Innovations Co-Chair, Research/Innovations Track Committee and on Best Practices Track Planning Committee. He presented the poster Multisource Feedback in a Simulation-Based Milestone Assessment of Emergency Medicine Residents with Drs. Bijal Shah and Sidhant Nagrani as well as being the poster moderator. He also lectured on Adult Learners 560: Incorporating a Physical Examination Skills Series into Conference.

Dr. Melissa White presented oral abstracts Unified Release Date for Emergency Medicine Interviews and The Doximity Study: Assessing the Impact of the Doximity Rankings in Emergency Medicine student rankings. She also presented Giving Effective Feedback.

Dr. Michelle Lall presented an oral abstract Do Emergency Medicine Residency Graduates Feel Prepared to Manage Closed Fractures After Training? She also presented the poster Advanced Ultrasound Workshops for Emergency Medicine Residents with Drs. Sierra Beck and Jehangir Meer.

The abstract/poster The Effectiveness of Individualized End-of-Shift Milestone Assessment Tool for Remediation was presented by the residency leadership Dr. Edward Stettner with Drs. Siegelman, White and Lall.