Best Place to Work: Faculty and Staff Recognized for Emory Service

At the first faculty meeting of the new fiscal year, the Department recognized team members for their remarkable commitment and many years of service to the department.  Dr. Katherine Heilpern was also honored by her colleagues for her 10 years as Chair in the Department of Emergency Medicine.  We congratulate the honorees for their outstanding work and leadership.

Recognition for 5 years of Service 


Edidiong N. Ikpe

Sierra Beck

Adam Pomerleau

Jeffery Siegelman

Anne Daul

Robert Forster

Scott Lasner

Lisa Tadayon

Associate Provider

Triffy Pacitti

Recognition for 10 years of Service 


Lyesatta Emeli

Kathleen O’Donnell

Jason Edward Liebzeit

Andre Matthews


Desrine Owens

Recognition for 20 years of Service


Sheryl Heron

Philip Shayne

Katherine Heilpern

Brent Morgan

Leon Haley

Douglas Ander


Pictured: Department leaders honor Dr. Katherine Heilpern for 10 years of service as Chair.  (Left to right) Dr. Sheryl Heron, Dr. David Wright, Dr. Philip Shayne, Dr. Katherine Heilpern, Dr. Brent Morgan, Dr. Leon Haley Jr. and Dr. Douglas Ander